Thursday, February 2, 2017

How to develop your potential talent from your Talents' List

As Erica Jong, has said “Everyone has talent. What's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” We all have talents. Some people can discover it and some keep searching. The main problem of our society is that it only values the talents that make money. So, most of the time we fail to discover our real talent and work hard for the fake one.

Talents are valuable whether it can bring money or not. In one way or another, it gives us pleasure. If you are a talented singer, writer or an artist, you may not earn enough for yourself but you will bring joy to others. You need to nurture your talent to get the best out of it. And for nurturing, you need to find your potential talent. Here is an unusual talents list which may help you to find out your potential talent.

  • Public Speaking
  • Self-Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Research
  • Relaxation
  • Book-keeping
  • Advertising
  • Music
  • Art
  • Woodworking
  • Video Creation
  • Wisdom
  • Jokes/ Humour
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Trouble-shooter
  • Sign language
  • Teaching
  • Planning
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Persuasive
  • Listening
  • Imaginative
  • Typing
  • Future thinking
  • Analyzing the Past
  • Inspiring
  • Storytelling
  • Self-control
  • Problem solving
  • Health/ Fitness
  • Honesty
  • Self-discipline
  • Positiveness
  • Learner
  • Brainstorming
  • Making connection
  • Ability to handle change
  • Futuristic

As you can see, there are many skills which are unthinkable to be at a talents' list. So, start searching for your skills. We all are unique. If you can recognize your unique talents, it will help you to overcome all barriers and become successful in your life. But you should be courageous enough to work hard to develop your skills. You should remember that you are never too old to search for your dream.

Many of us think that we can't learn new things when we are old. It's not completely true. Yes, it is difficult to learn when you are 30. But it is not impossible. Our brain changes constantly. Even scientists have proved that you can change your brain's function at any change. When you learn something new like learning a new language or playing guitar, your brain cells are stimulated. As a result, new connections are made. So, it is never too late.

Here are some suggestions for you to discover and develop your talents.
1.      Search for your potential talent. Find something that you really like to do or you are good at. You can take help from the talents' list above. You can also make your own list of the things you like most. Take help from your friends and family. Ask them what they think your strength and weaknesses are.
2.      Don't waste your time. It is not always easy to find your talent. Don't sit idle searching for it. Instead, try something new every day. Learn to play guitar or learn a new language. Make connections with others. Test yourself every day. It will ultimately help you to find your talent.
3.      Set a goal for yourself. Your goal should be realistic or you'll become frustrated easily. For example, if you want to play guitar knowing about the chords should be your first choice not playing a song.
4.      Don't forget to challenge yourself. After setting a goal, try to fulfill it earlier than you thought you could do it. If you can meet your challenge, it will boost up your confidence.
5.      Follow a plan. When you try to develop a new skill plan for it first. For example, if you want to learn a new language, make a plan where to learn it, how to practice, how much time you need etc.
6.      And most importantly, Believe in Yourself. If you are confident about your talent, you will develop it easily. Don't lose hope. Try your best and believe that you will achieve it.
You can also write down your goals. Make your own talents' list and write your goals for developing your talent. When you write your goals, you connect yourself with it. It helps to motivate you. You can take help from other people with the same goal and learn from them.

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